Woodlands Open Market/Framing Techniques

For my first mobile device project, I chose the theme of Open Markets/Framing. For Open Markets, the pictures should display how markets, buying, and selling affect the owners and their buyers. For Framing, the pictures should showcase the main focus by framing them with their environments. The first picture is solely following the theme of Open Markets, whereas the other four pictures each follow Open Markets and Framing. With all of my pictures showing people, the framing works well to showcase the people. Look closely and you will find the people!

This project was very successful for me because of my experience with street photography and being able to interact and talk to strangers in order to get a photo. All of the photos came out to be successful and were able to be edited to make them tell a story even more. The one challenge I had was because of the abilities of the camera phone I was using. I couldn't use the zoom without causing more pixelation so it was difficult to capture some images. 



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