Taking macro photography of old antiques 

For this project, I plan on taking pictures of old antique things using a macro photography lense that I will rent out from Mr. Lawrence. I want to use bright vivid colors and clear images in order to show older antiques in a new light and in modern day. By using vivid colors and light in my macro lense I will show how any object can be reimagined. 
Below are my three images of inspiration for what I am really going to try and capture when I create these images.

I chose this picture because of the 

use of the aperture in order to get a clear middle ground yet a blurry background. I also like the color combinations and that even though it is a dark tan and brown combination, it shows a clear message of age, yet the golden light shines to show modernity. Overall I want to combine the age and modernity of this image in one of my four images .

I chose this picture as a picture of inspiration because of the angle of the photo and the intensity of marco that is it. Rather than just a close up shot of an object, this photo goes directly into the detail of the tea set and explores the detail behind it. However old this antique may be, the photo keeps it timeless and I want to be able to shoot one of images this close up.

I chose this picture because even though it relates to the first one, I want to have some of my photos relate to each other color wise and be able to showcase different objects in the same light while keeping them together using the color combinations. I also really like the shadows of this antique and the way the photograph is vertical compared to the normal horizontal.

For my next steps, I plan on using my Nikon D3400 while using a macro lense rented from Mr. Laurence, in order to capture my images. I want to take them in a studio setting, and use on of the softboxes in an almost product photography way to shoot the photos. I don't need a model and will use Mr. Laurence's old cameras and antiques he has. I will shoot the photos from different angles and depths in order to have a diverse group of photos. I also want to play with the softbox and the way the light hits the antiques in order to have an even greater diverse group of photos. Overall I want to have four different antiques while keeping the same color scheme for all of them, to keep them in theme. I plan on shooting the antiques the week of November 11th in order to have enough time to edit all of my pictures. I will need four different antiques, one softbox, a macro lense, and hopefully some luck! I really want to tell the stories of these pieces right!

Think Tank 1: 

  •   Kea-Roy: Great Idea, something that you should really want to capture is the texture/weariness of the antique. Maybe make them look older through editing to really bring out that antique feel.

  •  Sofia: I really like your images, you can use a more yellow tint or warm tones to give a more antique feeling to your images and the objects in them, try to use the high pass sharpening filter to make your images more detailed. 

  • Aryan